"Wall Decor"or "Limited Edition"or "Giclee Prints


These are upscale euphemisms for "reproduction". It does not matter if the piece is obviously a poster or if it is a signed and numbered piece printed on fancy paper by computer, offset lithography, or silkscreen. If the image is based on an original work of art existing independently, it considered a photomechanical reproduction.

Wall Decor is not necessarily bad. If the image truly appeals to you, it might not matter that the piece is not original art. Most people just want something they like tp put over their sofa and dont really care. The problem occurs when wall decor is overpriced. Do not spend more than $800 for any framed, large limited edition print and please don't spend over $500 on something less than 30x22 inches framed.

Do not let anyone persuade you that because a piece of art is signed and numbered that it is a great investment. (Actually, it may be a good investment in a very long term. Who knew Pez containers would sell for hundreds of dollars?)But If your wall decor happens to increase in value it will be considered part of the collectible market, not the art market.

"Real Art" is an original work of art made by the artist. Even if it's a painting by your Aunt Sally, or the lady next door. Of course, a reproduction of a fine image is better than an awful painting which is real art. so real art is not necessarily good.

Computers and the Web - A New Twist on Limited Editions

The emergence of the web has spawned a new twist on the old "limited edition". Limited editions,for the most part, have in the past consisted of reproductions of master paintings in poster form, or reproductions of art from the commercial tacky market. But the landscape is changing.. Responding to the potential distribution advantages of the web, some very astute art dealerss ahve developed web businesses that sell reprodcutions of art by top contemporary names. These sites have a proponderance of photographic material, because photography lends itself paticularly well to being reproduced photographically. And since many of today's avant garde artists work exclusively in a photogaphic medium, their work often lends itself to being reproduced in this manner. There are some wonderful images on these sites and they are as they certainly should be, reasonably priced.

These new sites are:


1. Is a photogmechanical reproduction of a photograph, still a limited edition. perhaps a photograph is by definition an original print.
2. Is an image created on a computer and then printed an origianal? I think yes.