Everything You Need to Know
to Buy Contemporary Art

Why and How to Start Thinking about Buying Original Works of Art
Beyond Window Treatments - The First Steps
How to Learn About Art, and About Yourself

Basic Rules of Buying Art
Never Buy for Investment
Do Your Homework !!!
Trust Your Own Taste
Look for value
Buy from Reputable Dealers

Definition of Terms
What is an "Original"?
a "Reproduction"?
a "Print"?
Real Art vs. Wall Decor

The Print Market
The Joys of Buying Prints
Basic Guide to Printmaking
Common Fallacies
New York State Law

Different Markets for Contemporary Art
The Local Market
The Commercial or Tacky Market
The Reputable and Legitimate Market
Primary and Secondary Markets - Another View

Web Resources
Links to the Best Art Viewing on the Web

Print Resources
Links to Books and Magazines

You Have Started - Should You Think About Becoming a Real Collector?
The Joys of Art Collecting and the Art World

How Collecting Art can Change a Life - a True Story

Frequently Asked Questions
Our Most FrequentlyAsked Questions
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Just Who Is the Art Lady?
and Why is She Saying These Things? (A Resume)

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The "Attitude" Problem in the Contemporary Art World
Can Art Consultants help you?
How to Buy at Auction
The History of the Auction Houses
How is the Net Changing the Art World - A New Dynamic
Collecting Photography